Panasonic Phone System: DECT Wireless Phone System

Panasonic Wireless Phone System

  • Wireless Communication
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Over An IP Network

Panasonic Business Communications Experience the Freedom and Convenience of the Panasonic DECT Wireless. With Panasonic DECT Wireless handsets the entire office, including the warehouse, loading dock, even the parking lot becomes a communication zone. And since your Panasonic DECT Phones are Wireless there are no installation hassles or costs, even if your office layout changes.

In addition to our standard model there is also a compact model that will fit snugly in your pockets, as well as a Rugged model that resists splashing water and dust. When you come back to your office, it’s easy to transfer the call to your desk phone, even if you are right in the middle of a conversation.

Now your business can enjoy freedom, mobility, and convenience with a Panasonic Business Communication System.