Panasonic Hospitality Providers Solutions

Lodging and event service providers are challenged on two fronts. First, they face a saturated marketing and then they are faced by a clientele that grows more demanding year to year. Advanced communications technologies are an expected feature if a hospitality organization wants to stay ahead of the competition and be the facility of choice in their markets. Converging Networks is a Silver Partner with Panasonic. We could partner with other system providers, but after years in the industry, we selected Panasonic because of the quality of their systems and their support after installation. One of the many areas that their systems work well in is the Hospitality and Event Industry. When we evaluate an existing system or a new install we want to make sure the system fits the organization’s needs now and has expandability for the future. 

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Among some of the challenges facing Hospitality and Event Operation Managers are:
Challenge: We need a communication system that integrates with our existing property management system software and can work with different kinds of phones.

Solution: Panasonic KX-TDE Communications Platform. The Panasonic KX-TDE is an exceptional communications solution for the hospitality industry. With flexibility built-in, the system lets you expand, as your business needs change. This feature alone saves you money, by not having to invest in capacity until you actually need it.

The KX-TDE System allows you to connect to IP, digital or analog phones. Built-in wireless capability makes staying in touch with housekeeping and maintenance easy. The Call Group functionality makes sure that calls always reach your sales staff, whether they are on the property or out on the road.

Our Voice mail to email feature sends important messages to a PC or smartphone as an audio file so your staff doesn’t have to dial into the system. With the Panasonic KX-TDE Communications platform, you can seamlessly link to an existing Property Management System (PMS) with Commsoft FrontDesk.

Challenge: We need a user friendly call management system includes back office communication support and call cost accounting.

Solution: Communication Assistant Productivity Application Suite This suite of tools integrates easily with the Panasonic TDE Platform. The Panasonic Communication Assistant (CA) is a PC-based application, which runs seamlessly on the Panasonic Toughbook ™ ruggedized computers.

The CA system includes a free web-based call accounting application that monitors call abuse and assigns fees based on call time – a perfect match for hotels and lodging operation needs.In addition, the Communication Assistant system can be programmed by an administrator to send out automatic alerts whenever a wake-up call is input at the user level or when a 911 call is dialed.

To help staff stay connected a VM Assistant module allows employees to visually manage voice mail on a PC and easily share recorded messages with other staff member in the network. When you sales staff are on the road, the included IP Softphone module can use a PC to connect them to the phone system just as if they were in the office.

Challenge: We need an easy way to stay in touch with our housekeeping and maintenance staff, no matter where they are on the property.

Solution: Panasonic DECT Wireless Handsets When hotels and lodging operations managers are looking for a mobile solution DECT Wireless Handsets, deliver the versatility they need.

Do away with bulky walkie-talkies with poor sound quality and enjoy the DECT Wireless handset which is connected to your phone system and can reach staff anywhere on the property. Easily check-in or reroute staff simply by dialing their extension.

Your staff does not have to endure transmission interruption with the Panasonic DECT Wireless handsets solution. Panasonic even offers a ruggedized model that’s IP54 dust and splash resistant and can survive occasionally being dropped.