IP PBX Phone System

Panasonic IP PBX VoIP System

Reduce communication and operating costs with external and internal IP lines. With a Panasonic IP PBX installed at your main office there’s no need to incur the cost of installing an additional PBX when you open a secondary location. All you need to do is add phones and terminals and you are able to make both internal and external calls through the PBX located at the main office.

Use our DECT wireless handsets and you can also avoid additional wiring or installation cost even if your secondary location is in a high rise building or located in a heavily congested area there’s no need to worry about blocked signals or poor reception.  Just add Panasonic cell stations wherever you want to use your phones.

A Panasonic IP PBX with wireless DECT handsets is also the ideal solution for short-term applications like construction sites or event halls.  Best of all, it’s easy to  expand your networking system as your needs change.

Now you can improve communications while minimizing equipment installation expenses with a Panasonic Business Communications System.

Communicate, collaborate, create with Panasonic the global leader in phone systems for small to medium size business.

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